Before we started working with Do Your Thing, the numbers were a mess and completely useless. We were in the middle of making expansion decisions and did not have good numbers to project off of.  We just couldn’t think about the future of the company and assess its health because the numbers were not telling a truthful story.

We realized we were not able to move forward in terms of understanding the risk associated with our growth opportunities not did we have reliable numbers to seek financing options.  We needed financial support from someone who took us seriously and believed in our business.

We knew from the first moment we spoke to Ariane, that she was the right person for the job as she completely understood what stage our business was in and carried an innate curiosity about our business potential and wanted to clean the numbers to see what treasure was underneath the current mess.

We are now able to move forward on our growth strategies and know what questions to ask up front to assess our options.  We know where our productivity efforts need to be focused and what aspects of the business should garner investment.  We better understand the levers of our business and can prioritize scarce resources. We also understand our limitations which has allowed us to narrow in our strategic plan and remain disciplined on how we use our energy and resources.

In addition to Ariane’s incredible financial and business strategy skills, she is a wonderful human being who cares about you and your creation.  She will treat your dreams with great care and make sure she does everything in her power so that you will thrive!

Grace Kraaijvanger & Julie Carlucci, The Hivery