Something that never ceases to amaze me is that we can just keep learning. I must have had this idea, I’m not even sure how, that at a certain point everything just STOPPED. That stupid old adage, probably, about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks. You know, like you could add new information until a certain point and then your ability to learn new stuff just quit on you.

As someone who actually HAS taught an actual real-live old dog actual new tricks, I can assure you that with dogs, that old adage totally ain’t true.

And as a bit of an older dog myself, wow, has it blown my mind how we can just apply ourselves to topics we care about and learn/teach ourselves new tricks.

What was great about starting my own biz, was the numerous opportunities to realize I didn’t know something, had literally no idea, and then set myself to learning it. That’s some tremendous personal development, as we’re professionally developing.

Something I’ve observed in working with clients is that the quicker we can stop feeling bad about not knowing something and turn ourselves to face it, then the sooner that expansive, exhilarating process of learning it, mastering new skills, hiring that task out,  rising to a new level of empowered entrepreneurship can begin.

This comes up with the numbers-side of people’s businesses all the time. Like we somehow have this idea that we should just know, somehow, by virtue of being human, how to read a P&L. Like we should by some magic of our DNA, just Get what all those dang reports mean.

And pricing? Whew, that’s the same deal, y’all. There are actual strategies, yo. That you can learn. Great stuff I’ll be sharing in Pricing Ninja Dojo, which kicks off on September 27th. Like the two things your clients MOST want when it comes to pricing. And the rule of three. And how to use fundamental human decision-making processes to make a Yes easy on your prospects.

You can learn it. You can learn anything you decide to. That makes me jump around. What we know, what we master, doesn’t have to stop. We get to keep growing as long as we want.