Have you been spending the first part of this month reviewing your results year-to-date? No surprise: #datanerd over here has been. I was doing my usual analysis, and then I had a thought.

Thank you, endorphins + caffeine!

OK, so I’m a #smallbusiness. Like: small. It’s me & my small team of three part-time workers directly supporting 20+ creative entrepreneurs on a monthly basis. And while I don’t have shareholders in the usual sense – nobody owns this bitch but me – I DO most definitely have people I feel like I’m accountable to on my business’s performance. People like my clients. My family. My community. I got to thinking how much it also matters to me that the business owners we assist do well, how invested I am (via effort, attention, time) in their success.

I’d like to think that how my business does impacts my clients, my family, my community.

They’re my shareholders.


So I changed how I was thinking about my mid-year analysis and turned it into a Letter to Shareholders. This allowed me to take the next step with my quick notes on financial performance and progress toward goals, and ramp those notes up into something much more useful to power my next six months.

Fast-forward yourself in the here and now to that magnate-state.

There’s something super-valuable about ACTING LIKE you’re a big-ass concern, stepping up and fast-forwarding yourself in the here and now to that magnate-state. Nothing like that to UP your game.

So I’m inviting you, no matter the size of your business, to do the same. To write that Letter to your Shareholders including stats on how you’re doing and reflecting on what that means, how that will shape what you do between now and 12/31/18. Maybe this is an exercise you’ll keep to yourself. Maybe it’s something you’ll actually send out. Up to you. The work itself is the point.

A word: since I’m a numbers-person, it won’t surprise you that my review starts with the numbers. Also: numbers don’t lie.

We can tell ourselves all kinds of stories about how our business is doing, but the numbers: they tell us the truth.

Next week I’ll be sharing my Letter in this here newsletter. Which means you, Dear Stakeholders, will get to read it. If you’re working on one, and want to share a draft or have questions, hit Reply and do it.

Magnate-state. Meet you there.