It’s funny how things converge. Recently I went on a run with my son. This was a run I’ve done often in this lead-up to the half-marathon that’s now about a month away. I was psyched to run with my kid, since I treasure the time with him doing something we both love and it always feels super-nice that he’ll adjust his pace down to run with me, his old mom. Yet by the time we were half-mile from the end of our loop, no matter how happy I’d been about this run, I was SO ready for it to be over. It just felt hard as shit, just so not-fun, just so looking at my watch over and over waiting to hit our target mileage. Whatever, I thought. Some days are just hard, you know?

Except that when I took a look at the run on Strava, that wasn’t it. It wasn’t a bad day at all. In fact it was a great fucking day – felt like shit, yes, but GREAT. It was a day that I clocked miles that were a half-minute faster on average than I generally run them.

Oh, that explains it.

The bigger news: I ran that faster than I ever had. And I didn’t die. Instead I laid down proof to my own self of how much more I’m capable of than I thought.

Sometimes you need to run with people who are faster than you.

That’s how breakthroughs happen. By mixing it up. Pushing past the boundary that previously held you. Letting you surprise your own self by removing the usual constraints in your head.


So that was awesome. And then my friend Tommy posted this to his Instagram and all the lights went on for me again. He’s a drummer, teacher and bandleader (um, INSANELY AMAZINGLY GREAT, check him out here):


Let me just repeat and paraphrase my favorite part of that right here,

“Stop when it hurts” is really great advice if you NEVER want to break past your current ceiling.

Your current ceiling? Mostly what you’re telling yourself about what you’re capable of. Pssst: there’s more!

Sometimes you need a running buddy to get you there, but you can do it your own self, too, by just sticking with it, INTELLIGENTLY moving past and through those first points of resistance, to quote Tommy again.

You can run faster. You can drum faster and longer. You can do that hard thing in your business you’re scared of. You can launch that program. You can sell more. You can serve more. You can earn more.

Go on: surprise yourself.