A couple of days ago, I looked up from my keyboard at the vision board pinned to the wall on the right side of my desk. I took in the images of bears and David Bowie and blue hair and the Women’s March, and considered. That vision board, the first one I ever made, had occupied that spot in my line of sight since late January when I made it. I looked at it, and then without a further thought, took it down, folded it up and dropped it in the recycling.


It kind of felt like an act of Northern California, new age business ladies’ blasphemy, you know? But also: good. I folded it up and dropped it in the recycling, walked back to my desk and heaved a sigh of relief.

Here’s the thing: I’m a pretty woo-woo person, all things considered. I like a healthy dose of squishy with my straight-edge, some wobble in my Type A. Yes, I do numbers for a living, but that’s not all. There’s a certain amount of witchcraft to what I do and to who I am, not kidding.

And you know I read tarot cards every morning. And am making my own deck. [Yes, newsflash: my partner and I on the The Heart & Heart Tarot have amicably parted ways, and I’m doing the deck on my own, with the help of a top-notch creative team.] And don’t even get me started on the business astrology session I had recently which TOTALLY blew my mind and gave me so much actionable insight and information.

So yeah, definitely some squishy in there with all the rational.

What’s also true? Not everything works for everyone. Just because I love the tarot and astrology doesn’t mean vision boards are for me. Duh. I mean, I think we know that when it comes to other things, like food, for example, but somehow we lose a bit of our discernment when it comes to other areas of our lives. Like ambition. Like work.

Does throwing out my vision board in May mean I’m bailing on my goals for the year? Nope. My goals weren’t actually on there, anyway, unless turning in a blue-haired Bowie bear was one of them (not a bad goal!). While making that vision board, I was aware of being way more engaged in making something artistic, collecting and pasting pretty, than in creating a visual tool to depict my desires and plant a seed for their accomplishment. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with either of those things. But a vision board as way of expressing what I most want?

For me: not so much.

I looked up at all those pasted images and just thought, wow, what a mess. What a lot of clamor when I just want peace. So, off it went, to the bin, to be recycled with all the other paper into something hopefully more useful to someone else.

Of course, it /was/ useful to me, just not in the way I expected. I needed to be reminded that I get to choose my own path, that I don’t have to take on all of the trappings, that I can rely on those tools that do actually work for me. OK, maybe with blue hair, but without scissors and a glue stick.