I was writing something recently about all of the tools I use in the work I do with clients. You know, because I /finally/ finished that Welcome Packet I’ve had on my To Do list since last summer. In this opus, I run through all of the purely financial tools and some of the more general apps & such I roll out to clients to keep the engagement organized, the reports clear, the trail we followed obvious in hindsight.

And it occurred to me that there is an essential tool that was going unmentioned.

The breath.

As in breathing.

As in breathing when things get scary, which – let’s face it – when I’m bringing on new people who want to tackle the financials in their business, numbers can be scary. Or when we’re talking about launching a new program and how to price that shizz, or about how much to raise existing prices, yeah, scary.

It’s amazing how fast we stop breathing.

Which always reminds me of this great quote by Dr. Fritz Perls, the father of Gestalt therapy (which I only know because Gay Hendricks says so, in The Big Leap:


It occurs to me that breath is just another word for courage. When we breathe even when we’re scared, we’re juicing up our own courage. And somehow, that simple act of expanding our lungs expands the possibilities we can see in any given situation.

Courage, just by breathing! How great is that? Courage is not just the province of heroines in stories. It’s all of ours, as close as the next aspiration.

40_image 1.png

Deep in, deep out. You got this.