You may remember that I’m expanding my business (and my ease) by bringing on people to help me and by actually giving up control of the many little tasks that have occupied much of my time to date. This has required getting really clear about what I can hand off, detailing it out in a way that is transparent to others. Writing job descriptions in other words.

And with all that focus on what I need other people to do to assist me in serving, I suddenly thought, wait, what about me?


What’s my CEO job description?

Because it really is about that, getting clear about what I need to be doing right now to move this thing forward.

And what I know is that for the past four years (Happy Birthday, Do Your Thing!), my job description’s been all of one word: Everything. Which is so totally Start-up. But times have changed. And I have, too.

Now that I’m triaging out what I can let go from what I really need to be focused on, I see that I, too, could benefit from a clear job description, something to keep in front of my eyes all the time so that I am less tempted to stray from my lane and off into the weeds.

Oh, the tempting comfort of the weeds!


No more falling asleep amongst the poppies!

So here’s my job description so far. What’s crazy is that this is SO different from how I have been focused to date, that I can totally see how staying in this particular lane is going to make ALL of the difference to how I earn this year, how I grow this year, how I rest this year. Yeah, note what’s in position #1. <gulp>

Title:    CEO


1. Company Growth – .5 FTE


  • Cultivating new 1:1 coaching client leads;
  • Building deliberate, targeted sales pipeline;
  • Developing and teaching online group courses;
  • Creating and overseeing streamlined, user-friendly onboarding process.

 2018 Target: Grow sales by 50%


  • Growing DYT’s reach via development and delivery of strategic webinars, email campaigns, free downloadable resources, writing and speaking.

 2018 Target: Grow list by 50%

2. Current Clients – .5 FTE

  • Delivering financial intelligence to monthly, quarterly and project-based clients;
  • Leading and training bookkeeping staff;
  • Creating and overseeing streamlined, effective systems to deliver most excellent possible customer experience.
  • Researching and incorporating new tech & tools to enhance financial transparency; developing proprietary tools to better serve clients.

2018 Target: Grow client roster by 25%.

Again, note what’s in position #1 on that job description: Growth & Reach. And the fact that it occupies a full 50% of my total work-time. Um, that has SO not been the case in the past FOUR YEARS that I’ve had this business. Nope, client work has always been Numero Uno on my calendar & priorities and had 90% of my focus, but now, with these four years under my belt, I think I’ve got that part down. [If you’re an existing client reading this and going, “oh Noooooo,” no need: the goal really is to ensure that you get even better support than you have been, just without me fussing ALL the details alone.]

It really is time now to change things up, get them big ole CEO shoes on, and SCALE this bitch.

What about you? What’s your CEO job description? What’s Job Numero Uno you need to be focused on today/this quarter/this year to ensure the success of your business?