It took me falling into a multi-day funk when I came back from vacation on January 2nd, to understand what my word of the year had to be. I generally go through a whole process of thinking about the year that’s passed and making plans for the year to come, and always a word emerges from that work, that serves as my short-hand guide to everything that comes next.
But I hadn’t landed on a word yet. Even though I had had time while away to consider my plans, my desires for 2018, no word. No tidy little distillation. Silence. Nothing.
And then that funk happened. I woke up feeling literally my least favorite of all emotions: dread. I looked at my schedule for the day and thought, ugh, this blows. I hate this.

What? Me? Who’s usually over here having a YAY LET’S DO THIS party
every single day of the damn week?

Yeah, me. In a total post-vacay funk, dragging ass and feeling 100% unenthused about my very own business, this little darling that I’ve been nurturing and building and loving on for almost 4 years now. So that sucked.
Sure didn’t feel like how I wanted to come into this bright and shiny new year.
But there it was.
So I went with it. I let myself feel it completely. I put my down jacket on and went for a walk with Mr Burns, everything a bit filtered through this blah funk.
And as it happens, a few neighborhood blocks later, walking alongside my ridiculously-cute prancing pony of a dog, a thought floated into my head. And then another, and I started to see the Why of this funk, what was contributing to this full-body blech. I started to remember what I had clearly forgotten: this business is mine. I’ll run it how I want.

This business is mine. I’ll run it how I want.

Anything that’s no fun for me, that drags me down, slows me down, gums up my process, GONE. Any relationship that’s not delivering on its promise, that’s not mutually beneficial, elevating, inspiring, DONE. Any situation that feels sticky, like communication is going sideways or it’s just somehow inexplicably so damn complicated, OVER.


Drama: you’re on notice. Weird complexity: bye.
It can all be easy. Of course I love a challenge and I love to work and I love to progress, but all of that should feel easy. Like it’s flowing. And it 100% can.
What’s EASY gonna look like?

- getting my calendar back under control. Calls organized into fewer days, more call-less long stretches of time to work and make progress on big goals.
- setting a timer on email and social media. No more falling down that rabbit hole!
- reducing my client roster. Fewer clients and deeper relationships, yes!
- capping my client load until at least May.
- more group offerings.


- having ample time to train for half-marathons in March and July, yay!
I got things to do and I get to decide HOW. I’m choosing Easy.