Most of my clients have built a business that works. They have clients. They’re selling. They’re in demand. It works.


So often, my clients have built a business that works. For others. But not so much for them.

How they know: they’re tired. They’re hustling hard and at the end of the day, not sure it’s really paying off. Actually, they know it’s not paying off, but they feel stuck. It’s working. Why would they mess with that?

And that’s where I generally come in.

I want to share a client success story with you, without naming names, just to let you know what’s possible. Possible for this client. Possible for you. Possible for all of us.

This client was doing capital-G Great by most external markers. She was mid-6 figures in Revenue annually, had tapped into the right clientele to value what she was offering, was being referred by happy customers. Her business was growing. She had an employee assisting her. She had regular accounts. She had big deposits coming into her checking account. She was busy, really busy.

And yet it didn’t FEEL right. Mostly because when she looked at what she herself was getting paid, that number didn’t match the amount of work it was taking to generate all of that outside-world glory. So much hustle, so little chill.

So often this happens. Things might look great on the outside. But the FEELS just ain’t right, you know?

It can be easy to ignore that feeling, to just keep going after those big sales, keep our eyes on this SIX FIGURE PIE IN THE SKY ‘cause that’s what everybody’s always talking about. But not this client. Nope.

The first part of the work we did together last year was on pricing. Was on understanding why her pricing wasn’t yielding enough money for her, at the end of the day. Sure, it was paying everybody else, the vendors, the contractors, the employee, leaving little else for her. We adjusted that.

We also looked at how many clients she was handling, which is, of course, a function of price. Madness in your schedule is so often a function of under-pricing, forcing you to hustle like mad to make ends meet. The solution, as this client found, was to dial the pricing in just right so she could serve fewer clients, the right clients at the right prices, and DO LESS. So she can could choose her clients, rather than saying Yes to all comers.

And boy, that’s a huge adjustment in mindset. I mean it. To move past that place where we say Yes to whatever for however-much just so that we’re selling something, serving someone, busy, to that far-better place where we’re saying No to everything that doesn’t move us forward, too, Yes only to what does. That’s HUGE. 


This client’s big success that I’m celebrating here with you? This year she is doing LESS and she is making MORE. Yes, as a result of being choosier about who she works for, which has allowed her precious time to bond with a new baby, sure, she’s seen a decline in Sales revenue, but her Net Income, the number that actually matters the most since it’s the number that PAYS HER, that number is up. 

And the feels? Well, yeah, obviously: way better.

It might go against the messaging that we seem to receive on all channels, but hear me: doing better is not about DOING more. It has a lot more to do with CHOOSING more. Choosing better what you charge, choosing who you work with, choosing how you want to feel.

Not DOING more. CHOOSING more.