A few years ago I realized something key about my work: I understood that there’s a kind of work that I can easily sell, but that I loathe. 

The way I defined that dichotomy then was like so: some clients just wanted me to clean up their numbers, not ask too many questions, not expect them to learn anything or follow any of my sage advice. In those situations, I was just The Help, you know, just their Numbers Bitch. <groan>  I suddenly realized that if I didn’t want to do/be Numbers Bitch that was entirely up to me. That was the only way to end it was to stop selling it. Note to you, dear reader: is there work you’re selling that you loathe? Stop. Selling. It.

The flip-side of Numbers Bitch, though, the place where I’m happiest, where I’m doing my highest work → that’s Business Witch, that’s me using all my talents and skills to help business women ROCK THEIR SHIT. That’s me on Zoom or the phone talking with women about their numbers, yes, but their numbers as the key to unlocking their big potential, to having what they really want. Business Witch because what I do for women and their businesses is straight-up magic.

But you might imagine that this feels a little hard to talk about in public.

Even for someone like me who’s basically been a witch since age 10 when I read Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth by e. l. konisburg, and the lights went on. Even for someone like me who then spent long days in a college library alone, just a little kid with stacks and stacks of books, looking for clues. Even for a young mother like me discovering a whole hidden history, heritage, thanks to Mary Daly and Merlin Stone. Witch has been a constant in my life, honestly. Not a religion, just who I am. Something I’ve long known in my bones. Seer. Knower. Teacher.

You know, in that way that we’re supposed to keep our personal and professional separate, especially stuff that’s deeply personal, the stuff that’s about who we really are, in our bones → yeah, I’ve kept that essential truth about me mostly under wraps. 

Um, until now.

The more I work, the more I serve, the more I grow into my own wisdom, I see clearly: who you are, in your bones, that’s what we all want to see. That’s the gift we all want you to give us.

So, I’m out, yo. Your friendly, neighborhood Business Witch.

Duh, I mean, really. I am the same person who’s a total nerd for tarot and developing a deck for use in business and professional settings. Duh, I am the same person who will offer to pull a card for you once the meat of our Zoom call is taken care of. Duh, I am the same person who listens deeply to what my people have to say and then give them back some useful nugget that changes everything.

Straight-up magic.


Being out as a Business Witch feels risky to me. Which is why I think it’s worth doing. Because I really do believe what I said earlier: that stuff’s that true about you to your bones is what makes you compelling. I believe know I will connect with the right clients to work with, keep myself out of that awful Numbers Bitch situation, if I remain constant to that essential truth. I’m starting to roll it out, everywhere, this truth-telling, including in the footer of my emails like so:


It’s going to require rebranding, updating profiles, making my language consistent across every damn platform. So worth it.

So I’m totally celebrating this lovely shout-out from a friend and client on Facebook the other day.


Being honest, being true, to who I am? Yeah, it’s a little scary, but good stuff, true stuff, is often a little scary. And so worth doing.

Who are you? Please marry that to the work you’re doing in this world. Give that to us.
If you need me, I’ll just be over here making magic, doing my Business Witch thing.