I admit it: I am impatient. Like, really impatient. I hate waiting for stuff, and am especially impatient when it comes to my own self. Like I should be able to roll out a new program, triple my mailing list, double my income NOW.
But I suppose all of us have a bit of that Veruca Salt, but Daddy, I want it nooooooooooow, inside us.

Here’s the thing, though. And this is something that I swear I keep learning, but which is oh-so-true, not just for me, but for all of us. It doesn’t seem possible, given that our social feeds might tell us otherwise, that success is born overnight if you eat chia seeds and employ these Four Hacks, these Five Essentials, these Three Must-Do’s To Get To Six Figures.

Things. Take. Time.

Yeah, I know: so old school, right? So dang analog in a digital world. But it’s abso-freakin-lutely true. As much as we want to roll out new programs at the speed of light – and I do think that’s possible. I didn’t say likely, I said possible – most things for most people just take longer than that.
And that’s actually a good thing.
That’s a good thing even if you’re building out your income projections or quickly trying to rationalize some big “investment” you’re considering making in your business or in your closet (shoes. I’m talking about shoes) and you don’t want to wait.
I’m telling you: really good things happen when we let them take their sweet time.
Oh, and since we’re including gifs from old movies, take it from the Wicked Witch of the West: 

What is your big hurry?

I know what mine was, the rush-rush that consumed last year. I got my head spun by someone who was having some success with her lightning-quick roll-outs of new ideas, retreats, products, programs. I swear, a product a minute. I did what a lot of us do: I looked at what was happening for her (or what I could see of what was happening for her), figured well, that’s working, so I should do the same. Sound familiar?
I was jumping faster and faster, fast so that I could ignore the peril I was putting my baby business in financially, saying Yes fast so that I could move on to this Promised Land.
And guess what? It didn’t work. Because what is going to work for me is not necessarily what worked for her.* I tried. I put my idea out there and crickets.
I felt bad about it for about 5 seconds, then went back to serving my regular clients, writing, living my life. And thinking. ‘Cause that’s the part I was missing earlier when I was trying to move so fast.

Time passed, like it does.

Now, 1 ½ years later, the same program is coming together in a completely different way. I almost did the rush-rush thing again, after I met with my coach Jason Goldberg in April and thought, yes, I can put this together in May, launch in June. But once I got down into the details, I realized,
Hang on: I want to do this BEAUTIFULLY. I want to give this EVERYTHING, not just so I can get it out fast, but so I can get it out EFFECTIVELY. I want to do this REALLY WELL. I want to do this ONCE.
I decided not to act from panic (oh shit, I need to do this before someone else does!), but to act from LOVE, actually as weird as that may sound. From Love for the people I was making this for, from Love for the subject matter. From Love. Turns out acting from Love like this, more slowly, that requires a lot of confidence, something I was lacking last year. [link back to last week’s newsletter/blog]
If you feel like you’re rushing, or moving faster than you want to, um, why? What would happen if you slowed down? I tell you: for me, the gifts of going more slowly were a total surprise. I couldn’t even have imagined the changes that occurred in how I was thinking of my work. These changes just “landed” (that’s how it felt), fully-formed, when they were ready, boom. It’s a weird kind of magic, I’m telling you.
Things take time. Let them.
* I just wanted to say a little something about “what worked for her.” Here’s the thing: from the outside, we see what other people want us to see. So I had the impression that this person’s programs, retreats, products, offers were successful. That’s the marketing talking. But actually, I have no idea. I have no idea whether she was really succeeding. Maybe she was selling spots in her retreats and programs, but still not making any money. Maybe she was able to get her courses out there, but not fulfill all of the promises she was making, fast and furious, on her landing pages. I don’t know whether it was truly successful for her. None of us do, except her. And she may not be telling us the whole story. She may not be telling herself the whole story. Which is why it doesn’t matter what works for other people. All that matters is what works for you. Sure, learn from what you observe happening around you, but Do Your Thing. ;>