It is not uncommon for me to hear this sentence: “I will hire you when I make more money.” As an entrepreneur committed to powering up my clients’ money game, I have some thoughts about this, as you might imagine.


Look: I get it. The people saying these words think they need to be rolling in dough before they hire someone to help them with said-dough. Like so, and I quote:

“My former bookkeeper resurfaced and only charges me $70 an hour, so I think I will do that until my business is in a place to afford your more souped-up and awesome-sounding services.” [italics placed by me to underscore the parts of that that made me smh.]

Yeah, that. And amen to my awesome-sounding services!

Like I said, I get it. I understand the thinking. But here’s the deal.

Saying “I’ll hire you when I make more money” is exactly like saying:

- I will start working out when I’m fit.

- I will buy new clothes that suit me/flatter me/I feel good in when I’m a Size 2 (or 8 or 16, or whatever size you think your gorgeous, perfect self needs to be).

- I will feel happy when I get the perfect job/mate/promotion/car/house.

- I will take care of me when my kids are grown/my family doesn’t need me/every article of clothing under the sun is laundered, folded and put away.

Are you kidding me? Why wait?

[And whyyyyy fold all that shit?]

So, going back to that original sentence, “I will hire you when I make more money,“ I just want to offer the following re-mix:

I will make more money when I hire you.

Because that’s the honest-to-G-O-D truth: you will.

Whyyyyy do we put off doing for ourselves those things we know will make us feel great – like working out, like feeling GOOD in our clothes, like being in charge of our dollars? I’m here to tell you that remaining in darkness about your numbers, avoiding them because there’re too few of them, is not doing you any good, any more than wearing something shabby that doesn’t fit you because you’re waiting for your inner super model to emerge does anything to get you to love yourself in this present moment which is the only damn thing we have. Stop that. Stop deferring joy, clarity, knowledge, POWER in your here and now while you await rescue from whatever it is you’ve placed your faith in, be it an online group course or a digital product or a magic diet or a time management system to end all time management systems.


I’m not saying you need to hire ME. Let’s be honest, that would be nice, if you’re not already working with me. What I’m saying is TAKE CARE OF YOUR SHIZZ (whatever your shizz is) RIGHT NOW. Buy the dress. Lift the weights. Don’t wait until your business is however-many-figures big you think it needs to be. Set it up right from the start, from this moment, from right now. 

Aren’t you entitled to feel good right now instead of in some distant misty future? YES. YOU. ARE. Do it. Do it. Do it.