The other day I signed off an email with the words, “Yay for business! Yay for love!” I know: business, right?! I’d just hung up from a really great call with a client, one on which I knew in my bones I was doing the right work in the right way for the right person, for someone whose work I admire. For someone whom I, in short, love.

You may be wondering:

What’s love got to do with it?

Love has everything to do with your business.

I submit the following for your consideration.

If you don’t love the work, if you don’t love the people you’re doing the work for, then What. Is. The. Point?

I realized last month that I’d made a mistake. That I’d let myself get caught out by scarcity thinking, by fear, by the desire to hit a certain $ target. And whenever I do that, I find myself doing the wrong work for the wrong people.

Every. Single. Time.

There’s a whole little song and dance that happens in my head, that goes, well, I don’t love this part, and this other part is really not the direction I should be taking my business in, but the pay’s good and I can make it work.

And then there are those little warning signs, that way that my body tenses up or I don’t look forward to the interactions, or – yes, this happens – when I am instantly pissed off when I see the email subject line, YEAH, when there are those and I over-ride them, well, it’s only a matter of time until the whole thing comes tumbling down.

It’s just not sustainable at all. 

Because I’m over-riding love to get to money.

Bottom line: they don’t love me. Also: I don’t love them. 

It’s as simple as that. And if I’ve learned anything at all, it’s that actually love really matters in business. In the work I do, it might be THE most essential ingredient.

Again, it’s simple: the way I know who I should be working for → I love them. I’m genuinely, full-force committed to their success and happiness. Know what else? That feeling is mutual. That love is a two-way street all the way to a shared prosperity.

That’s how I always want to feel. No dread, no frustration. Just love.