Monday mornings for me are about setting the platform for the week, getting clear about what's important to move the needle on The Big Goal. I sit with my tools -- my Google calendar, my Daily Greatness Business Planner, my notebook, colored pencils, post-its, the Tarot, coffee and some quiet – and think about what the next 7 days need to be about.

I think a lot about the difference between being busy and being Boss-y.

In some ways, I think this can be among the most challenging parts of owning your own business – this way that it's entirely up to you to figure out your next move, what the priority is, instead of someone setting that for you. It's awesome and also there's that whole with-great-power-comes-great-responsibility thing. When you own all the time in your week, it's so easy to just slide along, with the most important stuff slipping from week to week, all the while, yeah, you're checking shizz off your list.

Busy is easy.

I maintain a certain suspiciousness when it comes to my To Do list. Generally the items on that list aren't ranked by importance; they're just there. AND I am even more suspicious of my own A-student, perfectionist, Type A tendency to derive satisfaction from the simple act of placing a check-mark next to a task. Done. But am I falling into the trap of what my genius friend and coach Jason Goldberg calls fauxductivity → you know, that trap of stuff that seems like you're doing something but really wasn't the best, most productive use of your time. [Hands up: who adds things to their list just to be able to cross them off. Guilty. As. Charged.]

Babe: Bossy beats busy.


Bossy is what I focus on. What can I do this week that means I am really standing in my CEO shoes, keeping my eye on the big picture and not being devoured by details. 'Cause you know, it's like that old story of the explorer returning from the jungle and responding to someone's question about what it was like, "It's not the alligators that'll kill you. It's the gnats."

Go on, call me Bossy. 

Bossy is that state of doing what's most important, what's most significant, not just what's next on a bulleted list. It's a state of saying, yeah, sure, that task may need doing but THIS, THIS is the significant thing if I'm serious about launching that program I keep talking about or writing that damn book or whatever the Big Goal is. Bossy is being the boss of my business, boss of my life, ruling my calendar and my To Do list, not just going along thing-to-thing.

I do hate an either/or, but I'm afraid that in this instance it really is a choice a person has to make. There's only so much time, so this week, again, I'm choosing Bossy. You?