You know I got chickens last month, right? This was the culmination of a long-time dream (and checks off my Goal #2 for 2017). Already, having chickens makes our farmlet so much more home and is going such a long way in furthering my overarching desire for this year -- to double-down on this life I have, to get really grounded where I live and in who I am and proceed from there.

We've had chickens for a month, and since we got them as pullets (i.e., junior chickens, 4 months old, not yet laying), we've been on the lookout for eggs. Every morning begins now with a trip out to the coop to feed them and check the nesting area. So far, nothing. 
But this morning this focus on eggs and some thinking I've been doing about HOW I work came together nicely.

You know that expression:
"Don't put all your eggs
in one basket?" 

Sometimes I think the only reason I don't succeed in a particular direction is because I haven't devoted myself solely to that thing. I haven't decided to go all in. I'm multi-tasking or multi-prioritizing which is a way of not committing fully to success. 

Maybe the way to succeed is not to have multiple pans simmering on the fire, but to have one that is on FULL GAS and cooking deliciously all the way through. 

In other words: One basket. All the eggs.

Even though this is new to me, it ain't new. Andrew Carnegie said as much in 1885, in an address to college students in Pennsylvania. 
The concerns which fail are those which have scattered their capital, which means that they have scattered their brains also. They have investments in this, or that, or the other, here, there and everywhere. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is all wrong. I tell you "put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket." Look round you and take notice; men who do that do not often fail. It is easy to watch and carry the one basket. It is trying to carry too many baskets that breaks most eggs in this country. He who carries three baskets must put one on his head, which is apt to tumble and trip him up. One fault of the American business man is lack of concentration.
Wise words. So here's my experiment for the next month. 

Doing One Thing At A Time.
One basket. All the eggs.

You in?