Just wrapping up two intense days of working ON my business with my coach Jason Goldberg (see my Facebook Live for more deets & happy warbling) and coming home crystal clear about two things:

1.     What my 2nd quarter goal is, oh yeah. &

2.     The method I will be using to assess every single item on my list, in my in-box, in my calendar.

Because it's high time to be RUTHLESS. 

Full credit to JG for the assessment lens I’ll be applying starting NOW. I used to be much better about this, but like everybody on everything, I think I got into some habits which made me a little fuzzy on the concept.

One of those habits: something I’m calling DOLLAR DISTRACTION. By which I mean chasing after work to try to hit a certain numeric goal, urged on by The Scarcity Misunderstanding, and also to back-fill for mistakes made last year, mistakes I’m still recovering from, mistakes I’m still paying for. FROM LAST YEAR. <sigh> Yes, we /all/ screw up sometimes. We /all/ fall for the hype sometimes. Important lessons that keep us humble.

So that lens I’ll be applying? Well – and again, full credit to JG on this (1:1 coaching WORKS, yo) -- a task, an appointment, a project is either High Yield relative to my 2Q17 goal OR it’s Low Yield. NO MIDDLE GROUND.

Either High Yield or Low Yield.

I.e., it either helps me get to my goal or it doesn't. Maybe need not apply. Yes. Or. No.

Which means I have to be ruthless. I have to say No. I have to shut down my short-term Dollar Distraction so that I can build the long-term goal. I hate either/or’s and usually try to And/Both everything, but the truth is that clarity/progress absolutely is an either/or game for me right now.

Being RUTHLESS in pursuit of this goal feels good. 'Cause ain't nobody can build this thing I'm building but me. And people need this.

So, yeah, RUTHLESS

How about you? Are you suffering from Dollar Distraction? Are you hesitating to say No, And/Both'ing everything, letting your big goal slip through your fingers?

Get RUTHLESS. Get it done.