Twenty six days to go until 3/31, and so as part of my usual weekend routine of quietly assessing the week-that-was and planning for the week-to-come, I took a moment to look back at my accomplishments so far this quarter and to think about what really matters to me, what I would really like to be able to say DONE! to by the end of this first quarter of 2017.

We can go far in 26 days, if we're clear about the destination.

Speaking of destination, I went back to my three goals for the year to get re-oriented. Oh yeah, in case I haven't mentioned it before: I have three goals this year. THREE. OK, they’re not necessarily small goals, but I am feeling pretty amped about the clarity that boiling down the things I want to 3 is giving me. And the way it allows me to anchor what I'm doing to a larger objective, on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Those three goals?

Goal #1: Run a faster half-marathon.

Yeah, my goal #1 for the year has nothing to do with my business. Except that running has everything to do with running a business. Seriously, the dozens of lessons that come from this consistent practice of putting the miles in: I could write a book just about those.

Here’s the thing about how I framed this goal: I have an entire year to produce a faster time than what I ran at Disneyland Half Marathon in September 2016. If I don’t pull it off in July, at the San Francisco Half that I'm signed up for, um, I still have until end of December. And I don’t have to run it faster in a race. I can run it faster in training and still be happy, still check that goal off.

What I love about this goal is that it keeps me moving regularly so that I can #stayfitforthefight, which honestly matters a lot to me. I plan to exercise my rights for a long damn time, so I exercise my body to that end. ;>

I've set milestones to keep me motivated and short-term focused: Run a race a month all year, ideally with my running buddy/daughter-in-law, to keep the training interesting and compelling. AND steadily build up my mileage, in prep for that Half end of July.

So far this year:

  • 2 races completed, one each in January and February.
  • after a February slack-off, back to consistent training.
  • feeling great. just great!

 Next 26 days:

  • run March’s race next Saturday the 11th.
  • put in 25-mile weeks through the end of the month.
  • kick off official Half training the week of 3/20.


Goal #2: Get Chickens.

Again, a goal that has, on its surface, nothing whatsoever to do with my business. Except that my biggest desire in 2017 is to reclaim my beloved country mouse lifestyle, something that I lost a bit of touch with last year in the hustle to build my biz. Getting chickens will re-commit me, re-ground me, on the lovely little plot of land we call home. What I want more than anything is a gorgeous life in which my Hustle to Chill Ratio is balanced.

So far this year:

  • visited coops at two friends' houses.
  • did a field trip to the feed/supply store nearby.
  • figured out where to site the coop/run in our garden, and dug the spot out.

Next 26 days:

  • begin (if not complete) construction
  • decide on and put in order for birds


Goal #3: Double My Revenue.

At last, you cry: a goal that has something directly to do with business! YAY! And I made it a big one, a big open-ended one, with lots of subgoals necessarily. Doubling my revenue requires all of those subgoals, they are a means to that end. And let’s talk about that end. Why do I want to double my revenue? Not so that I can boast about my income, but so that I can demonstrate that it’s possible to do so with one's Hustle to Chill Ratio in balance, with a beautiful life that I actually have time to enjoy.

So far this year:

  • increased my income from monthly retainer clients, due largely to the fact that I
  • onboarded five new (& right) clients since January 1, and also
  • ended a client engagement that just wasn’t working. Also
  • delivered two webinars,
  • appeared as guest on 1 podcast,
  • posted to blog 8 times,
  • grew my email list by 42%, Facebook page by 6%, Insta by 7%,
  • sent out two Pricing Ninja proposals (pending).

Next 26 days:

Hmm, does that seem like a lot? it does to me when I see it enumerated above, but then I remember that it's not all going to get done today or this week, but that I have 26 WHOLE DAYS to get from here to there.

My next task is to block out my calendar, so that I actually protect the time to accomplish all this.

What about you? What more do you want to call DONE! on by 3/31? How can you lay it out for yourself in a way that makes it possible, that blocks the time you'll need, to check those items off your list in 26 days? 

I'm convinced that we are each of so powerful, so capable of great things. Get clear on your destination and use every bit of the next 26 days to make your way there. Would love to hear what you're up to, what you're scheming, and cheerlead you to your goals.