Does this happen to you in your business: that you periodically say to yourself, wow, if only I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that? Um, that was me last week. My business is seasonal to some degree, so it was time for that But-Wait-Why-Isn’t-That-Net-Income-in-my-Bank-Account question to come back for its time in the limelight. Last week, seriously: at least 8 times with 8 different people.

Lest you should think I’m complaining:

Those thousand-time questions are a goldmine.

And no, I am not being sarcastic. Not a bit. Honestly, I’m delighted to be asked, and delighted to respond no matter how many times, each time honing further my ability to clarify, to dispel the confusion, to soothe (one hopes) the anxiety. 

Those questions are a bit like that line in It’s a Wonderful Life, you know, that every time you hear a bell, an angel gets his wings. 


And I get to be the angel. ☺

Every time I hear the question I am reminded that this work is what I chose, what I continue to choose, every single day.

Every time it’s an excellent reminder of something I said on a Pricing Ninja DOJO group call recently, that “Just because it’s easy work for you, doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.”

On the contrary, that stuff that’s easy for you, that people ask you about over and over again: 

a flippin’ goldmine.

And that’s not just my inner Pollyanna coming out, trying to spin something valuable out of what might seem repetitious, perhaps annoying. Nope, I mean it.

Those thousand-time questions should feed FB Lives, blog posts, FAQs on your site or sales page, posts on Medium, videos on your YouTube channel, or just thoughtfully, artfully pre-created resources you can serve up to your client in anticipation of or in response to that inquiry that you know is coming, just a matter of time.

How better to position yourself as an expert
than to harness that opportunity for all its worth?

Stay tuned: I’m going to be harnessing that opportunity myself in the coming year, starting with an FB Live interview series that I’m calling WORKING MAGIC, serving up tips and tricks from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs on topics that matter to us, and extending into webinars and worksheets and videos, oh my.

‘Cause I got wings, yo. Thanks to those thousand-time questions.