The first step in Pricing Ninja DOJO, my four-week group pricing course, is a deep review of your business numbers right now. I’ll be honest: I hesitated for a minute to put that work at the beginning, worried for a second that participants would find it too unpleasant an obstacle to hurdle straight off the starting block. I even considered moving that analysis to week 2 or later, but it just didn’t make any sense.
Because the key to fixing your pricing is to start with where your current pricing has landed you right now. Not so that you can obsess about the why and try to fix the past or kick yourself repeatedly over it, but so that you can see how your system leads to your results.
I heard a fitness expert years ago say that your weight today is the cumulative result of all of your eating and exercise decisions to date. Yeah, like that.
How your business is right now is no mystery. It didn’t just happen through some indefinable process. It’s because of choices you’ve made. It’s because of the systems you’ve put in place. It’s because of your pricing.


So if you stop and look at what’s happening, at how much you’re earning, truly bottom-line earning, it’s that same thing: your compensation, your profit, is a direct result of the system in your biz. And that system has its birthplace inside your head: in your mindset about money.
I’ll admit I’m obsessed with all of this right now, fresh off Quickbooks Connect, with a notebook filled with ideas about how to implement “I want easy” in my business [watch my last week’s Facebook Live on this manifesto], how to streamline, systematize, get clearer and clearer in my offers and service, do my very best work. And help people break through their growth ceilings & rewrite their money story so they can truly build the businesses and prosperity they want.
What everybody knows? The system that got you HERE isn’t the same one to take you THERE. Me? I’ve got my eye on THERE, and am re-engineering all systems in my biz to point there, too, to make 2018 the best ever. I want this for you, too. Let’s get THERE.