As you may know, I spent three days last week in #nerdvana at the annual Quickbooks Connect conference. This was my fourth year attending (which means I’ve been to all four, YES, I’m THAT big an undying por-vida Intuit fan), and WOW, did that deep soak in all those mind-blowing speakers and break-out sessions provide clarity and insight and about a million streamlining and up-leveling tips that I want to implement in my business and yours stat. 

But first, I want to share the REALLY BIG TAKE-AWAY from stepping away from the day-to-day of my biz for three days. I want to share with you what I posted on Facebook Friday afternoon, the story of what’s possible when you Press Pause on your work. 

I honestly could not be MORE excited about what’s coming next. Like I said in the video, I haven’t told anyone yet what The Big Idea is, not even my husband, not even my best friend. I’m still holding it close, tending its glow, fanning that flame a little brighter before I let it out.

So, YOU: as you’re getting ready for the holiday week, for the day-after and the weekend to follow: can you carve some time out, some time to be inspired, to let other thoughts in? You can even watch some of the inspiring speakers I got to hear last week, take in the talk by Shonda Rhimes, for example, or go watch that Simon Sinek’s TED that everyone’s always on about. 

I can’t wait to hear what lands, what great ideas take advantage of the space you’ve made to appear and blow your mind and change everything and let you truly, truly Do Your Thing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

All love, always,

PS OK, seriously, if you’re a small business owner, get thee to Quickbooks Connect next year. Registration for 2018, and favorable pricing, is now open.