This has been a whole NINE MONTHS of intensity on all levels, in all directions. The rhetoric, the politics, the resistance, the hurricanes, the mass shootings, the earthquakes – phew, it’s been a whopper.

And then there was last week. Our beloved Northern California in flames, people I know and love barely escaping with their lives, braving fiery structures to save their dogs, driving out through utterly apocalyptic conditions, losing absolutely everything. Horror. Flames. Smoke. And so much basic human kindness and compassion.

It’s been a freaking rollercoaster. And it’s not over.

In the midst of all of that, I can’t stop thinking about this quote by Fire Captain Sean Norman, interviewed in the New York Times, speaking about the days and days in a row that fire personnel, including my own brother-in-law, had already spent trying to contain these fires.

“You’ve got to have a fifth gear. You’ve got to have the two Cs: commitment and caffeine.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 21.10.03.png

I’ve been thinking about that quote, as I ride the rollercoaster of my own life, south of the fires, breathing smoke for days, heart heavy but home intact.

I’ve been thinking about that fifth gear, so essential when we’re on the front lines of whatever blaze we’re facing. Those two Cs: commitment and caffeine. 

If you’re feeling worn out by the intensity of this year, maybe you’d like to join me in drawing inspiration from our fire fighters. If they can do it, facing walls of flame in high winds, surely we can muster the same when facing the conditions of our own situations. 

Let’s dig deep. Find fifth gear. Re-commit. By all means, re-caffeinate.