I realized recently that I am DEAD SERIOUS about my work.

I mean I knew I was serious, but only recently did I really get it just HOW Serious I really am.

Because, thanks to Jason Goldberg’s Mastering Your Entrepreneurial DNA workbook (free, right here), I got really clear about WHY Do Your Thing exists, what I’m here for.

It’s this:

I am here to build better business women.

That is some SERIOUS SHIT, you guys.


As in, not to be taken lightly.

As in, I know that the secret to some really big and needed change in this world (hello, #thefutureisfemale) is for women to step into their own, make their livings on their own terms, set big sights for themselves.

What do I mean better business women? Well, first of all, business women, as in women creating and running their own businesses, women in charge of their own fates, creating the game they’re playing. And BETTER? Well, better for me means totally inhabiting their role as CEO of their enterprise – playing BIG in every way, serving others, knowing their worth, getting paid, creating change through their actions and their example.

I am serious. And I find, the more my own business grows, that I enjoy most working with people who are equally serious. Women who are setting their sights big.

I was just on a call with my Mastermind gals – some women I met through a certification program I did a year ago, a process that turned out to be a total bust except for the friendships I made. And one of them said, and I'm paraphrasing, Look, it’s not enough for me to decide I’m going to grow my business by 20% percent. If I say that, then that’s what I’m going to get. If I set a small goal, then my result will be small. Instead I’m saying I’m building a million-dollar company. That’s a big stretch, a really huge stretch, but actually motivates me over the next 18 months. And when I articulate that big a goal, everything changes. I come to the table like a million-dollar player.

Coming to the table like a million-dollar player is the key. It’s like Audria Richmond says in her new book, Are You Ready for the Yes?

The people who show up in the market like pros get paid like pros. End of story.

I had to ask myself, where am I not showing up like a pro? What about you? What might it mean to really show up like a pro?

This business shit is SERIOUS, people. It ain’t just about making money – but making money is an excellent measure of whether what you’re doing is serving, is wanted, is working. Business, in my way of thinking is, about you being YOU deeply, about carrying YOUR vision, YOUR gifts, YOUR wisdom out to other people. It’s about being brave even when you’re scared. It’s about taking chances, learning, failing and succeeding. Um yeah, it’s about your life.

I see now that where I have my greatest success & my greatest satisfaction is when I am a partner to my client, a companion in arms, a fellow warrior on the trail heading out to git those big goals. When our seriousness about the work ahead, the future of that business and its CEO, match up. That’s when it’s really fun. That’s when it’s really juicy. When we meet up, one pro to another, and make big things happen.

So tell me:

You serious?

You showing up like a pro?

It’s okay to feel scared. It’s okay to feel uncertain or nervous. Know this: when you are ready to go big, you don’t have to go it alone.  I’m ready to go with you. I’m right here, ready to match my pro to yours, so we get it done.