If you've read me for a while, you know my Sunday routine. I take an hour or so and sit at my desk, to reflect on the week that was and the week to come, to transfer my schedule from my Google calendar to my planner, to color-code it and consider my goals. 

This Sunday was no different, except that I took a little more time to start plotting out a live workshop I'll be teaching next week. During which the realization came: when I'm in my Zone of Genius, doing the work with clients that I'm best at and love the most,

I'm standing at the intersection of The Numbers & The Feels. 

When this realization floated in, I'd just been working on the outline for the workshop, which is about Pricing. I'd just mapped out the first 30 minutes or so of the session, devoted to introductory remarks and some basic info on how Pricing is both The Problem & The Solution. From there, we'll move on to some quiet individual work on our business models, which is really about examining what you're actually selling and how your business is doing. And that was the moment.

How your business is doing is both: the numbers & the feels.

It's both the dollars of how much you're selling and spending and keeping AND it's how that all feels to you. How YOU feel. What your business is doing for you, or not doing for you. How you might WANT to feel, how your business could actually lead you there.

That's the real magic of my work, I think. 

I don't just want to help small business owners read their financials for the sake of being able to read their financials. YES, I want you to understand the story your Profit & Loss Statement is telling about your year, AND I want to help you connect that to how your business makes you feel. Are you constantly anxious? Are you always on the run? Is that what you want? Or are you standing arms-akimbo jubilantly crowing, Look What I Did? Want more of that?

Knowing your numbers helps you drive where you want to go. But it's the feels that let you know you're there.

Connecting the two is the secret sauce, the difference between meh and your success.

Having a business is deep work. It offers up so many opportunities to wrestle our fears, beat back our self-doubt, step out boldly with our offering. So many opportunities to grow, to be more us.

To know what our particular corner is.

I'll be happily standing on mine next Tuesday -- and every day in between & beyond, just sayin' -- at that intersection of The Numbers & The Feels. You may think it's just about your business. But it's really, always, just about you.

Know your corner. Stand tall!



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