Last weekend I accomplished a goal I’d been working toward for 8 months. Eight months!!

Since January I was slowly, gradually training, building up mileage, gaining confidence and comfort. Last Sunday, September 4th, I cashed in all that running time: I completed the half-marathon that was the target of all of that focus, its sole purpose.

And for the rest of the day, I kept turning to my daughter-in-law and running buddy, and saying, wow, we did it! It's DONE.

And then what?

Literally: we went to Disneyland.

An hour or so after completing 13.1 miles on the run, we departed for what would be another 12 miles of walking, through Disneyland and California Adventure. It was a great big day, that ended with us watching the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's castle from the center of insanely-crowded Main Street, me wondering if I could summon an Uber to get us back to our hotel, unsure I could make it.

But I made it.

All the while, moving from ride to ride all afternoon in the crowds, I was feeling that full-body satisfaction of having accomplished my goal. And a little whisper: and now what?

What comes After? 

The half-marathon wasn't particularly easy. We'd run the distance before - we knew we could do it. But race-day was harder: it was hot, it was dead flat mostly, we were sleep-deprived and a little off-pace in the early part of the race, running around people, trying to get past walkers and into the clear. It was hard to settle in, find a rhythm. But we knew, because we'd practiced for this, we knew we could push through the discomfort and finish. Because we'd been focused on this big goal, working toward it for months, hours and hours of running, we knew we just had to stay with it, keep going, get there.

Mile 13 felt endless, not gonna lie. 

And then, it was over. We stood around with our great big medals on, took pictures and laughed with our families and drank water and reveled in Clif Bars and bananas. And felt like champions. Because we did it. 

That's the best feeling, that tip your head back and crow your victory feeling, wearing your medal, if not on the outside, clanging against your shirt, then on the inside where you're savoring it just as much.

So what?

I know, right? Whatever. What does the accomplishment of my Big Goal -- training for & finishing a half-marathon -- have to do with anything, let alone running a small business?


Because here's the deal: if you want Big Results -- i.e., you want to cross something Major off your list, produce something Amazing, create something Awesome, then you have to set Big Goals. Major, Amazing, Awesome: those don't happen when you go small. This is the same whether it's me talking about running goals or about launching a new digital product in my business or your business.

You gotta go Big.

And the real magic of all of this? What comes after accomplishing a Big Goal? Power, pure and simple. A sense of your own capacity. Your own strength. Your own drive and will and perseverance and ingenuity and go-get-it-ness.

And a desire to do it again.

I already have two more races planned, shorter distances, but still: challenges. I have big plans in my business, bold departures from what I have been doing to date, BECAUSE I KNOW I CAN DO IT. What comes after Big Goals is confidence + more Big Goals, and with that: bigger accomplishment, bigger satisfaction, bigger fun. 

If you want something Big, set a Big Goal. And then do the work, with your  eye on the prize, knowing Big Power is yours afterward. You'll feel like a warrior, even without a medal.