I'm a total planner.

I'm a person who finds it difficult to leave the house without a notebook and a selection of colored pencils, in addition to my trusty mechanical. You know, just in case I have a brainstorm, or someone says something particularly juicy that I don't want to forget.

I'm a person who is always making plans, coloring them in, tracking them, reporting to my own self on my progress.

So in December when I saw this Daily Greatness Business Planner, I was intrigued. 

I watched the video.

You see, I hadn't used an actual planner for a few years. I'd just been relying on my Google calendar and my moleskine, and making it work. Um, mostly by printing my calendar on a weekly basis and pasting it into said-notebook. Anyway, it was working. But what this Daily Greatness planner offered was MORE, a place to integrate my annual plans, lay out and analyze the quarters, set goals for and then analyze the results of each week. 

Hmm. I thought. 2016 is going to be a big year. Let's try it.

For a while, I was a little on the fence about this new planner. Probably because I didn't start in it until mid-January, which is, for someone like me, accustomed to a rigorous review in December, then cracking the spine on a fresh clean notebook at the stroke of midnight December 31st, a smidge unsettling. Also: it's quite large. And I wasn't sure I was really maximizing all of the opportunities it offers, using all the features. 

But then: the lightning bolt.

There, a few weeks ago in the Weekly Check-in section was the question, “What Is My Strategy for Finding New Business?” Wow, I thought. I 'm going to have to think about that.

Next came,  "Am I following a strategy? If so, do I need to revisit it to decide if it’s working?"

Holy smokes.

I was thunderstruck to realize that I actually DID NOT have a strategy for finding new business. For my first two years as an entrepreneur, I had primarily benefited from word-of-mouth -- which was fantastic, but also presents some inherent limitations. And is entirely passive. Up until that page of my planner, I had not actually articulated a sales strategy of any kind, really. Had not built a capacity to actively, consistently seek and develop new people to work with. Wow. 

'Til Now.

Goal #1 in my 3rd Quarter plans is, yep, building a sales strategy. This is brand-new territory for me -- yay, learning something new! -- and an absolute necessity when it comes to continuing to build my business into something big and profitable and ever more impactful.

And all because I took a chance on a new planner this year. I honestly would not be building this capacity were it not for this tool! Without exaggeration, this planner has changed EVERYTHING for me.

Thank you, Daily Greatness! 


PS I have no affiliation at all with Daily Greatness other than being a customer. And being on their email list, which is how I can offer you this small discount on the price of a planner, should you be so inclined. :)