Does this ever happen to you: that you keep stumbling across the same words, getting the same message, over and over from different directions? It’s like that thing that always happens to me when I learn a new word. Seems like that word just keeps popping up in the most unlikely situations, over and over.

Repetition. Reinforcement.

Well, lately I keep getting this message: take your foot off the brake.

A couple of weeks ago, the fabulous astrologer Debra Silverman substituted for our coach Susan Hyatt on one of my Lady Boss Mastermind calls. She'd done our natal charts for us when we met her in Maui in April, and provided, on this call, some really direct advice to me and every other member of our little group, based on what’s happening astrologically right now. To me, she said.

"You have a tricky chart: you're Gemini and wild, but you have a governor that never lets you go too wild.

"You are a very big thinker who gets caught up thinking small.

"But it’s not time for that. Every single time you want to be conservative," she said, "open up the doors and windows wider. Every time you have the impulse to contract, EXPAND EXPAND EXPAND. This is a time to dream big, to initiate, for the next two years. Plant seeds. Manifest more. Do a vision board. Cultivate BIG STUFF. Let your right brain go nuts. Don’t limit your thought process."

Repetition. Reinforcement.

I was out in the garden, harvesting green beans and thinking about how I didn't even plant them this year. They're volunteers from last year, and just irrepressible. And so productive. The way they grow is so insane, already 8-feet tall and still they're reaching up and up, eventually falling over and growing sideways, twining around the Princess bush and whatever else they can get their tendrils on. As long as there's light, they keep growing, they keep going. They don't check their own selves, saying, wait, I think 8 feet tall is enough really, so I'm going to just stop here. They just go. Taller. Bigger. More. They just go.

Take your foot off the brake.

When Debra was pointing out my inner governor, that way that I pull the brakes on my own self, she couldn't see the tears pouring down my face. What hit me in that moment was that I was simultaneously learning this very lesson physically, literally, through the transformation of my running form, based on this in the running book I was devouring. This.  

Having your foot strike in front of your body is, in fact, the same as putting on the brakes because your feet are basically stopping your forward momentum each time they hit the ground… you’re pushing yourself forward with one leg while you’re putting the brakes on with the other leg. What’s wrong with this picture? Would you ever drive your car with one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake pedal at the same time?
— Chi Running, Danny Dreyer, pp 28-29.

Indeed, why would you keep trying to move forward while ALSO STEPPING ON THE BRAKE?

So, OK, beans. OK, Debra. OK, Danny. I get it. I hear you. I'm going to watch for and over-ride that tendency to check myself, to think small, to think 8-feet-high is high enough. NO WAY! I'm gonna keep reaching, stretching, moving. As long as there's light, I'm growing. As long as there's light, I'm going.



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