Well, it’s happened. Yes, I have tremendous spring fever already -- no surprise, given everything that's budding and blooming around here. And better still: though it’s not quite the goats I’ve been dreaming of, it appears there is going to be an addition to Blissbug Farm. Yes, two big bunnies are coming to live here, courtesy an acquaintance who found them and needs to re-home. In a week or so, two Flemish Giant rabbits are setting up shop in the garden here.

Oh my goodness: BUNNIES!

I have never had rabbits, but believe me, this stokes all my childhood 4H fantasies, those dreams that pop up every summer when I’m at the County Fair in the small animal tent, marveling at the kids in their white pants and green neck scarves, at how clever and caring and knowledgeable they are, proudly showing and talking about their animals. I think I take about a million pictures in that tent every year. Just can’t get enough.

And now the bunnies are coming home to roost.

It’s a mixed bag, I won’t lie. I feel in a hurry to figure out where to site the hutch, and what it should be like, how tall, how wide. What their little bunny houses should be like inside the enclosure. And then bunny-proofing the yard so that there is some area where they can be free-range.

What about the dog?

Oh my goodness, the dog! What will he make of them? I know he’ll want to chase them. I know he’ll have his own dreams of catching them, with his mouth, but these are some big rabbits, so he may have a surprise in store.

I am in a race to learn everything I can about rabbit husbandry. I can’t believe my good fortune that these have basically fallen into my lap, these giant rabbits. I mean, GIANT.

There are so many things they’ll be good for: eating left-over produce, producing really good compost, generally being awesome and cute and pet-able, probably producing off-spring which we can sell to others. Oh my goodness, I am just so excited about this.

So it's like the Easter bunny came early this year. And is going to be hanging out for a good long time.

OMG, bunnies!!


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