It’s been a miserable couple of days and I know exactly why, exactly who’s responsible. Me. Because I’m avoiding a decision, a dramatic turning point from which there will be no turning back.

In Savannah, at Clear Coaches Live, Susan Hyatt shared the very helpful story of Freya Stark, a 19th century woman who traveled the world alone. Her story of courage was exemplified by that moment when Freya is standing on the dock, looking at the ship that will carry her into the beginning of her adventure, that voyage of her real bad-ass life, that Big Decision moment:

Board the ship or not?

This was no small feat. She was breaking all barriers, setting out on a life of exploration alone, a woman, at a time when these things were just not done. To board would mean giving herself 100% to this new life, committing, no turning back.

Naturally, she boards. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a story to tell, right?

In our own lives, in my life, it doesn’t seem as dramatic. Except it kind of is. Right now, for example, I am standing on a brink myself. I’ve BEEN standing on this brink and have been unable to board the ship.

Because I am still standing in the little boat that got me here.

And that’s 100% my problem right now. The thing that carried me this far is now keeping me small, keeping me paddling around in the same little bay when I could be on a big-ass boat on the open sea.

It’s time to #burntheboat.

Yes, it’s time to send the emails, make the phone calls, to end the work that’s holding me back, to stop doing what has been successful to this point – “successful” in that people are buying, I am making a modest living – and commit 100% to what I know will be successful in the future – “successful” in that I am doing exactly the work that I most want to do, that makes me happiest and is best for the people I serve.

It is time to burn the boat.

And with it the fear that’s keeping me small. That’s keeping me this close to, but yet so far from, the life I really want.

Keeping one foot in that little boat, the other on the dock, is NO WAY to board the ship. It really is an all or nothing proposition, a bold commitment that demands to be made whole-hearted, with courage, with confidence.

And I know that I won’t do it completely, I won’t board, 'til that little boat is in cinders.

You served me well, little boat. Sayonara & sleep with the fishes.

If you’re finding yourself, like me, hokey-pokey’ing around a life change you want to make – a new direction for your business, a big change to how you care for yourself, a loving exit or entrance into new relationship – maybe there’s a little fire in your future, too. What’s that small boat you’re standing in right now, that has gotten you this far? What’s stopping you from boarding the big-ass ship of your future?

Maybe it’s time for you, too, to #burntheboat.


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