One thing that’s super great about my life now is how I feel like every part of me is integrated. I used to feel split up, like there was job-me and personal-life-me, family-me and friend-me, the artist-me and accountant-me, the woo-woo-me and the business-me.

So many sub-identities, one little head!

But that’s all changed now. And so to celebrate, I am delighted to bring back a feature of my old, beloved blog, The Force Expansive: YES, Country Mouse Monday is back!

Country Mouse Monday came about as a way of sharing the experiences from my country-fied weekend, experiences that felt so sharply different from the 9-to-5 life I was having back then, experiences that sustained me as I went through my Monday – Friday. Now that I’m here all the time, I’m still thrilled even after two years, that this is my life. That from my desk I can see the squirrels ruling the yard, bees zooming past, baby quail (when it’s their season) taking shade under broad leaves.

This is the good life.

On Mondays I’ll be sharing some little snippet of my real life, the me that’s away from the computer for a minute or an hour, glorying in the woods or the garden, hanging out with the animals or with the bees.

It makes me just so insanely happy not to be split up anymore: that the weekdays AND the weekends are real life, that the me I am is all the me’s I am, all the time, 7 days a week. Woah, it’s all ONE now.

One place, one life, one me.

Which I’m going to share here, as part of Country Mouse Monday. Come along and let’s see what’s growing, what’s blooming, what’s filling my eyes in this place I love so much, this little piece of paradise I call home.



PS Picture this. I’m standing on a bench in the garden so that I can feast my eyes on the apricot blossoms, get closer to the non-stop hum of bees in the tree top, hummingbirds stopping by for a sip, black phoebes peeping from the neighbor’s rooftop, finches going off, crows, always crows. Of course, yes, there’s traffic going by, but my eyes are only on the pollinators. Honey is coming!