OK, so this morning I did something a little unexpected: I attended a 4-hour webinar. That started at 7am. On a Saturday. Um, yeah.

I’ll be honest, when I first signed up, I neglected to notice that the start-time was East Coast. I’ll be honest-er and say that when the alarm woke me at 6:15, I definitely asked myself what kind of crazy person schedules something for first-thing on a weekend morning?

But I got up anyway, made the coffee, got dressed and was in front of my computer and logged on right on time.

Was that something I want to do regularly? Probably not. Am I glad I did it today?

Oh man, so glad I did it!

What else is true is that I wasn’t entirely 100% sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this webinar. I found out about it from my friend, Shan, via one of her Facebook Lives earlier this week. I trust Shan, so I signed up. And even though I wasn’t entirely sure what the outcome was going to be, I just had a feeling. And followed it.

Even though it meant getting up and sitting in front of my laptop when I could’ve been outside. Or sleeping.

Unequivocally: SO WORTH IT.

If you’ve Liked my business Facebook page, thanks to this game-changing four-hour webinar I did with Audria Richmond this morning, I am about to dial up my Facebook Live-ing to a whole ‘nother level, allowing me to reach more small business owners with all the pricing & profit goodness I have to offer.

But right now what I want to say is this: it’s been a shit-week, right? It’s been a whole lot of exhilaration, exaltation, excitement about the future, followed by a steep, steep crash into despair and grief. It was #PantsuitNation, followed by #TrumpNation. Speaking for myself, I spent two days feeling utterly gutted.

So right now, following the workshop I did today and everything I learned and how I know now that I’ll be able to harness technology to be even more of service, I feel like, despite everything, I am on a rocket to the dang moon.

I am on a rocket to the moon.

What's fueling this rocket? It's that I feel I'm in this great position where I'm learning from the best, all the time. Knowing that I’m surrounded by brilliant, inspiring people sharing their knowledge and talent, that's what keeping me flying.

So here's what I'm offering after this brutal week we just had. Just this counsel: look around and find someone to learn from. You may not even know (like I didn't) exactly what you're in for. But trust, follow. We're so lucky that technology puts so much knowledge, makes so many brilliant, inspiring people so accessible to us. Go on and rub shoulders. Upgrade your skills. Lift your knowledge.

Fuel your rocket.

No matter last week's crushing blow and all the challenging times ahead, we will still rise, as long as we keep teaching each other, learning from each other, lifting each other up.