Telling the truth is a big deal for me. Like, The Biggest Deal. And I mean, The Whole Truth. Not leaving parts of the story out. Not drawing some artificial line between the "personal" and the "professional." Sure, privacy bla bla bla, but also: LIFE. It's everything.

So this week, seriously, all I can think about, write about, be about is the upcoming very happy occasion of my son's wedding this Friday.

Seriously, there are not enough words, or even the right words, to express just how completely this fills me with joy and pride, my swelling heart breaking the confines of my rib cage on the regular. And yes, I am crying a lot this week, happy tears, just so delighted by all of it.

All of it.

I made a commitment to myself this morning, thanks to finishing The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, to stay present inside every moment this week, to continue to expand in abundance, success & love throughout this experience, to breathe and savor and revel and celebrate.

And work.

'Cause here's the deal. This is IT. This IS the work: this being alive in your life, in your personal relationships, with your friends, with your family, and being alive in your business, too. IT'S. THE. SAME. No separation. Just one thing. Whole and with integrity.

And besides, good news: there's wifi on Cloud 9. 

I don’t want to separate out how I feel this week, stuff it into a box and set it aside during the time I’m talking with clients or teaching a class or looking at numbers. I want to feel that same way AND do all those things. I want all of it, without boundaries. ALL OF IT. I want to be my whole self, me, carrying all of that joy into every aspect of what I do.

So, Cloud 9. That’s where I am this week. Since there’s wifi, I plan to stay here as long as possible, maybe forever, reveling in how well things are going, in how beautifully things have turned out. Because why not? Isn’t that the whole point?

Yeah, forever.