I started this year with a week-long vacation. 2015 was a big, big year, professionally and personally, and it felt right to celebrate that FIRST before kicking off another banner year. It seemed like the right idea when I booked the trip (and PLUS, the Whale Said Hi) to take a pause, 7 days, to just do whatever I wanted before setting down to create a kick-ass 2016, bigger than ever. But also: it does feel weird to be sitting here on a rainy cold Northern California morning with a Maui tan.

Even though I know this break came after a long, unbroken stretch of work-work-work, because I did it in January, STILL it felt a little illicit, like I cheated, treating myself this way, frontloading some fun into 2016 before the big work.

And therein lies the lesson of all of this for me.

I am a huge proponent of treats – as in, building in treats to your big scheme of accomplishments, your plans for world domination and personal happiness. In fact, treats play a key role in bombproofing your plans. While they may seem silly, they’re far from it. Treats are KEY.

Even though taking a break in January seemed counterintuitive to me, I made myself to do it anyway, because I’m convinced that MORE TREATS are the key to MORE SUCCESS. I want to keep the relationship between how hard I work, and the life I get to lead, tight and clear. I don’t want to get to twenty years from now and then say, Oh, OK, now I can chill. Forget that.

I’ll take my chill now, please.

Start with a treat, to remember Why you’re doing this in the first place.

Over and over again on this break I said aloud, or heard in my head, THIS is why we work. THIS. So we can take our son and his fiancée on a vacation to paradise with us. So we can spend days at the beach, in rented cabanas feeling like the beautiful people. So we can walk around in 80-degree tropical air when it’s raining and cold at home, so we can snorkel reefs and ogle whales and laugh and play cards and laugh some more. So we can have these unforgettable experiences with these people we cherish and come home tan and fat and happy and ready to work some more.

THIS is why we work.

So I'm back now and even more fired up to have a better year even than last year, because I want MORE of the same. More time in crystal-clear water swimming with turles. More time on boats with the wind in my hair. More time in the sand, eating poke with my darlings, with not a care in the world.

Front-loading the chill at the start of the year, ahead of everything else, keeps me 100% clear on my Why. Refreshed, fired up, I can't wait to get back to work and make this year better than the last. Here's to bigger bigs & higher highs in 2016!


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