Every single day you have a choice. You get to decide how the day's gonna go, what the day's gonna be about. Today is no exception.  

     What are the things that matter to you?

                  What are you willing to do to get them?

                            What can you do today, right now, this hour, this minute?

Sometimes, though, being devoted to choosing how your day's gonna go is uncomfortable. It requires saying No to some things, in order to say YES to others. But just because that's uncomfortable -- mostly because we're not used to it, and the people around us sure aren't, yet -- doesn't make it wrong.

Today, for example, there was a plan. A plan I had agreed to, all the while knowing that I’d be resentful and grumpy and biting back sarcasm and impatience, my mind elsewhere constantly, counting the minutes 'til it was over. Oh, doing this thing would have been perfectly fine, I would've had an ok time, but it would also have meant three - four hours in the middle of a day doing something I only sort of cared about, out of a sense of obligation, when all the while I'd be dreaming of being at my desk  writing, reading, planning, building. I'd been dreading this for the better part of a week, but then yesterday, I had a clear moment.

I realized, Hell No, I won't go.

So now instead of being out, I’m home, house to myself, just the sound of the bees outside and clothes spinning in the dryer, with about four hours stretching out ahead of me, four hours during which I can do whatever I want. Hours to work, to think, to read, to write, to plan.

Um yeah, saying No was totally worth it.

I said No to hanging around for a few hours being social, which is all well and good, in order to say Yes to being right here, doing exactly what makes me happiest.

To take back some hours to consider how important it is to Do what you want. Don’t do what you don’t.

And yeah:  easier said than done, right? But I know for myself, so often I sell myself out, sell myself short, put other people in front of my own self in the queue. By doing so I know I am creating obstacles to my own accomplishment, to moving toward my own goals. 

By not choosing me, putting my own goals first, I fail to own my days. I don't carpe that diem, you know what I mean? And if there's anything I really, really want, it's to

Carpe the shit out of every damn diem.

The only way there is through No, saying No to what's eating my time, eating my attention, eating my single-minded devotion to getting to my kick-ass goals. The only way there is through being a little uncomfortable getting used to saying No, so that in the quiet of my little office I can sing out the big YES that true accomplishment requires.

Go on: make yourself a little uncomfortable. Say No to say YES. Own every one of your days.


#makeyourlife #doyourthing