I don't know about you, but September fills my head with dreams of new beginnings, fresh notebooks, a clean slate. Summer has been busy, busy, busy, but now that's behind us: time to settle back into routine. And I'm all about kicking some a$$ this semester.

What will you do between now and 2016?

That's four months, four big months, to move ahead on big goals, set some new projects in motion, tie up some loose ends.

It's possible I'm riding a crazy high from all of my Aug-complishments -- that's right, the long list of things I accomplished in August, a month which used to be such a low-point as I hit the summer doldrums. But this August was different. Somehow -- probs because I started riding my bike regularly again, up big hills that gave me a real, physical challenge -- I got it through my head, that oh,

The 80% don't matter if you don't do the last 20.

As we started up the hill my first time, I was so nervous. Nervous that I'd get almost all the way there, then be unable to complete, have to bail. I knew: getting myself almost up this one hill, then quitting, just would leave me with such a sad taste in my mouth, a woulda-coulda-shoulda flavor. The next time I'd have that pattern set, that well-I-could-just-stop-here pattern.

No! I knew I'd be so much better off if I just put my head down, turned the pedals, looked only at what was right in front of me. Just dug down to find the 20% that I did still have and get myself to the top, across the line. Done. Making the next time easier. And the time after that. 

Crossing the finish line makes it easier to cross it again. And again.

Here on September 1, I know I've got that 20% more in me to push ahead toward my goals for the year. I know, thanks to those Aug-complishments, that it's just going to take putting my head down and mustering. I know can do it.

You can do it, too. What do you want from now til 2016? 

Then just keep turning the pedals. You'll get there.


#makeyourlife #doyourthing