Way, way back, almost five years ago now, I had an insight. So naturally, I posted it on Facebook.

First of all, damn: time flies. I thought I'd said that just a little while ago, like maybe two years, not in 2010. Second, when I said it, I was three jobs away from "a living from enthusiasm" as a reality for myself, which I never could have known. 

All I knew was that I had this strong, strong feeling in my gut that I knew was right -- that I wanted to find a way to earn a living by egging people on with my own enthusiasm, to help them realize their own dreams via my own goofy excitement about their vision and craft. That was my particular happy dance. So I just stuck with that. 

And stuck with that. 

For five years.

For five years moving along, from thing to thing, drinking coffee and writing and making lists, not always clear where I was headed but heeding that inner tick-tick-tick toward something more meaningful. more aligned. more mine. 

It seems crazy, and not at all, that five years later I am doing EXACTLY what I wanted. All because I found my enthusiasm and stuck with it.

Enthusiasm is The Best.

The truth is that I fucking LOVE enthusiasm -- that state of being passionate about something. driven by something. obsessed with something. basically IN LOVE with an idea or a vision or a thing of your own making. When you are enthusiastic, you are, as the ancients believed, divinely inspired, possessed by the gods. It's magic.

I'm totally, unapologetically, enthusiastic about enthusiasm.

Seriously: enthusiasm is the one & only thing you really need, to transform your life into precisely what you want. You need enthusiasm for something, for whatever it is that makes your heart turn over, that makes you Snoopy dance. And you just need to stick with that. Be true to it. Think about it day and night. Stoke it. Feed it.

Enthusiasm totally changed my life. It put me in the driver's seat of my own destiny, which is how I define success. It gave me the devotion and the tools to exactly the work and life I always wanted. Sticking to what I wanted and knew was right for me delivered me the whole package. Bam. Magic. Sure, it didn't always seem clear and it wasn't always easy and it took a while. But BAM nonetheless.

Find your enthusiasm. Snuggle up. Stay with it.


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