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Is this you? Have you been plotting a blog in your head, and maybe on paper, for ages, making lists of things you would write about, amassing great stories and images you could use, but somehow

Just can't hit Publish?

You're not alone. In my immediate circle of friends, I know at least five brilliant, committed, bold and original thinkers who have had their finger poised above the Publish button. ForEVER. These are people with great ideas and talents, unique perspectives and wit, and yet, still totally unable to hit Go on this project. 

The rest of us are totally missing out.

And because it makes me so sad to miss out on all your bloggy brilliance, I decided to do something about it. Behold:

Do Your Blog!

Do Your Blog is a four-week program custom-built to get your blog out of your head, off your To Do list, and into the blogosphere where it longs to be. Designed to make that leap you've been resisting a little less daunting, 'cause you'll do it hand-in-hand with a select crew of other luminaries. Hand-in-hand.

Because seriously? If these are all your excuses for keeping your brilliance under wraps, then you know what I'm doing.

Let's do this. It's more than high time. To sign up for early access to Do Your Blog, click here for our special landing page.

Can't wait to read you, see you, celebrate this achievement with you.


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