For weeks now, I realize I've been writing my manifesto. I've been writing my way up to it, actually, step by step, week by week, post by post. In my way of thinking:

a manifesto is a must-have.

You can call it a mission statement or purpose statement if you like that better. But for me, nothing holds a candle to manifesto. That word just holds so much more promise, an exhilarating feeling of throwing down a creative gauntlet, like Tristan Tzara in 1918. A manifesto is super cool.

Basically, what do you stand for? What lights you up?

Write it. Think about it. Write some more.

Eventually, you can make it all pretty, like the Holstee Manifesto. Or again, awesome like the Dada manifesto. But for now, in the lead-up to this Fourth of July holiday, why not plant your flag, tell us:

what do you mean?


I'll start. Here are the beginnings of the Do Your Thing Manifesto, the Why of doing this work.

- you have a Thing, a thing that's totally you and that only you can do. That Thing is your job, your mission, the Why you're here. And, to quote Louis CK, your job is to do the shit out of your job.

- your Thing, your business, is your unique vehicle for self-expression, self-development, personal growth and evolution. It should be the way you learn what you want to learn, hang out with the people you want to hang out with, go where you want to go. you need to grow your Thing, but your Thing also needs to grow you.

- you need to get paid for your Thing, in a way that truly values your unique contribution. and that allows you to hit a home-run on the next bullet.

- along the way, you need to make the best life possible, the most beautiful, the happiest.

- me? this is what i want for myself. and i want it for everyone else.


As I write this, I realize there are a few truths that underpin it all, truths as in "truths we hold to be self-evident:"

- work hard, hustle harder, practice every day: make it happen.

- waiting for inspiration is for amateurs. practice is everything: make your own inspiration

- working without respite or treats is cray-cray. yes, work like a bee but also build in treats, and make every day a little bit structure and a little bit vacay.

- being ambitious and reaching/stretching is great. but also: don't be super-cray. get help. it makes everything both more possible and more fun.

- don't (over)think. do. practice. do your thing. then do it again.

I am feeling glorious at the moment, clear about what I'm doing and why. That's the beauty of a manifesto. It's like your personal declaration of independence.

Take some minutes. Write it down. Declare your self. Then let's celebrate!


#makeyourlife #doyourthing