Now you know I do love me some work. There seems to be nothing I like better than making something out of nothing, putting order to chaos, getting after it, getting shit done. Which is a good thing since building a business, as you may know, requires a whole lot of that. Every. Single. Day. There’s something so fabulous about being self-directed, about having an idea and going for it, about putting my head down and working working working. I do love the hustle.

And yet.

Sometimes a little person gets tired.

Sometimes a little person suddenly looks up and goes,

Damn, this is one long, dark tunnel.

No drama in this declaration. Just a statement of fact. Sometimes the Go-Go-Go, Do-Do-Do can just get to feel like it’s stretching on & on ahead, the end completely out of sight.

Sometimes a little person gets tired.

Lucky for me, my sister put me right. "Keep your eye on the prize," she reminded me.

Don’t do shit unless... there’s a new pair of shoes at the end of the tunnel. :-)

Ooooooooooh, RIGHT. I’d forgotten to put something shiny and pretty and awesome smack at the end of the tunnel, to draw my eye there, give me a sense of short-term purpose. To light the way.

Because truth: a big capital-P Purpose is great and all, but it’s not going to help all that much with getting through these periods of intense work, this feeling of oh-crap-how-much-longer? Nope, for that you need something else.

So, to the list of tasks you’re responsible for when you are making your life, doing your thing, please add the following, stat:

Build in milestone treats.

[And no, I don’t mean getting paid (which is something you need to also be doing). Getting paid is not a treat.]

Your milestone treat could be shoes. Maybe it’s a massage or an afternoon movie (what??) or a big piece of cake at your favorite café or a visit to the museum or a trip to visit said-sister or an unplugged afternoon stroll on the beach. Or shoes. Whatever that treat is is up to you, as long as it delights you, makes you want to jump around. Treats make this whole thing so much better, so much more Yay, so much less grind.

Ideally, building in milestone treats is something you do BEFORE you find yourself in the long, dark tunnel of work. It should be part of your business planning, in fact. Lesson learned: if you forgot about that step like I clearly did, it’s never too late. It’s just a little bit harder when you’re in the tunnel, to start flicking matches, to try and steer your way clear to that cake.

But you can do it. Take a break, set the work aside, and let your mind go. What’s your treat? And when're you getting it?


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