When I was putting together my vision for 2015, I thought a lot about how I could ensure that Do Your Thing was working for me, too. For every action I was taking to build out my business, to make sure it was delivering on its full potential, how was it, in turn, doing the same for me? Could it, for example, allow me to learn the things I most want to learn, experience what I most want to experience, hang out (some call it "work") with the people I most admire, and fundamentally express myself in the ways only I can? 

I’m doing everything I can to grow my business. And I also want it to grow me.

It’s easy to get caught up, especially in start-up, with the head-rush-y workaholism of delivery, delivery, delivery for others. That’s so good, right? And yet we have an equal responsibility to lead by example, I think, as entrepreneurs, as creative business makers, to ensure that we are living the sweetest lives we possibly can, beautiful lives, happy lives.

I think it’s our duty.

My business, your business, should be about me, you, finding our fullest expression as human beings.

Yeah, on the face of it, I know you might be all like, but wait, aren't you a bookkeeper? Aren't you all about Quickbooks and balance sheets and numbers and eeew? What the heck you got to express?

Child, please.

Not one of us on this earth is just one thing. And if you know me, if you’ve just seen me or read me, you know that the numbers-thing is just part of what I bring to the table. Yes, I do the books, but I also do the bees and the blog and the pink hair and the tattoos and the reading and the gardening and and and... And you're the same way.

Every single one of us is so much more than one thing. I think we’re at our best when we apply all of what & who we are to whatever we’re doing, whether it’s numbers or law or design or photography.

Who you are matters.

Business – being in business for ourselves – sometimes feels to me like almost a higher calling. A vehicle to put your particular gifts out there, serve people, grow yourself, shine in the way only you can. Who you are is why people want to work with you. So you owe it to your clients and yourself to be the best you, to use everything at your disposal to keep evolving your bad-ass self.

Whatever you're creating, make sure it's what you really, really want. Yes, your business is to take your vision to market. Your business is to make, ship, deliver. But bigger than that:

Your business is your life. 

Think about it: for all that you're doing to grow your business, how is it growing you?  

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