I don't know about you, but generally I try to unpack my suitcase almost immediately upon returning home, doing my little sort-and-assess -- what did I bring that I never used, what did I learn, how could I pack more efficiently next time. But this time, after this latest trip to Amsterdam and London, I've been dragging my feet a bit, reluctant to sort through the piles of postcards and receipts and maps, resisting diving back into work again.

This is good: it means I can take full advantage of vacation-brain.

You know vacation-brain, right? I'm talking about that almost-fuzzy brain-state that sets in after a week or so of waking up in different rooms and arranging your days around meals and sights rather than meetings and deadlines. Of doing pretty much exclusively whatever and only what you want. 

It feels almost like that just-freshly-awakened state, between dreaming and true wakefulness, cozy and warm like a bed you don't want to leave.

Vacation-brain: so delicious and yet so unproductive. Or is it?

One of the very best things about vacation is the new experiences, the possibility of fresh insights from jumbling your days up, walking for hours in a city you've never seen before. Vacation can really put everything into perspective: what matters to you, what you've been missing. How you really want your life to be.

So this morning, instead of being a bit annoyed with my slacker-ways (the suitcase is empty but there is still shit everywhere!), I'm harnessing that vacation-brain for good. Like this:

- I'm making a list of all of the things that make me happy on a daily basis, and YES, I AM putting them in a spreadsheet that I'm planning on looking at every day and checking off to make sure I'm getting my Daily Minimum Requirements.

- I'm checking out WorkFlowy and refreshing myself on Getting Things Done to make sure my systems are as strong as they can be, to make sure I'm effective and peaceful on a daily basis. 

- I'm taking the time to plot the week, ensuring that there's plenty of Me-time in there, including yoga, garden, reading and writing and other making. I really hustled before taking two weeks off and worked like a maniac. I insist on more balance going forward.

I insist on a little more vacation in my day-to-day.

Vacation is so good for reminding us of what we love. Vacation-brain is that fuzzy little nudge, that reluctance to forget about fun, about adventure and capers. Grab it. Hold it. Use it for what it's worth -- to make sure your everyday includes a little of that magic, that every day has some vacation in it.

This is your life. Make it the best.

#makeyourlife #doyourthing