Four years ago, I made a small decision – to start getting up an hour earlier every weekday, to give me time to write, think, read. I was in my second-to-last miserable 9-to-5 job and desperate for time that was mine, before heading off to the salt mines for the entire day. Getting up an hour earlier -- at 4:30 am, my Fuck Yeah Early-Early Wake-Up Time -- meant I’d have an hour of quiet to myself, before anyone else was up, an hour to sit in my office and let my mind unspool.

That small decision, and the habit I formed as a consequence, changed my life.

I’m not kidding: if I hadn’t started getting up at 4:30, I would not have been able to develop such a steady habit of daily writing, and I never would have had the opportunity to follow where all that writing was leading me. If I hadn’t spent that much time exploring my own thoughts, desires, interests, I’d probably still be working for someone else, hating it, and pining for the day I could finally do the thing I most wanted to do. If I hadn’t decided to carve out that extra bit of time before the demands of the day, I would definitely not have my own business right now and be the happiest I’ve ever, ever been.

That one hour changed my life.

I’m not saying it’s always easy to get out of bed at 4:30. Yes, there are times when it takes real effort to shuffle out of the bedroom in the pre-dawn dark. But mostly I’m excited about it almost every day. I’ve come to crave it, so that I miss the solitude, the quiet time for creation, on the weekends and on vacation, when it’s so much harder to maintain that routine.

Right NOW is the best time to start.

Maybe there’s a project you really want to tackle, something you’ve been telling yourself is your density (the novel, the blog, the scrapbook, the hand-crafted holiday card, the in-box zero), but you feel like there’s never enough time in the day. That dream-wish just keeps sparkling out there, that goal out of reach.

But it’s not. Right now, as we’re rolling back the clocks one hour to the real time, NOW is the perfect, the easiest, time to take back 1 hour a day and throw yourself at that project. Honestly, if your body is used to getting up at 6:30 old time, why not just keep that going, rising at what is 5:30 now? Make that dream-wish a priority. You will not even believe what you’re able to accomplish, and once you start, it gets so much easier to keep rolling on, that sense of Fuck Yeah carrying you through the rest of your day.

One hour can change your life.

I’m telling you: it’s 100% true – I would not be here right now, in this gorgeous life of which I am the boss, if it weren’t for my Fuck Yeah Early-Early Wake-Up Time.

One hour changed my life. Imagine what it could do for yours. Or better yet: just start. Do it.


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