This is what Monday looks like, when you're Boss Bitch of your own damn Time.

This is what Monday looks like, when you're Boss Bitch of your own damn Time.

Man, I used to hate Mondays. Maybe you can relate. Probably most people can relate. By Sunday afternoon, for years and years, I'd have a belly full of dread thinking about the week to come, such was the contrast between my blissful weekends at home and the shit-show that awaited me at my job.

But now Monday is my favorite day of the week.

It's two things really. Ok, it's three. First, I quit those jobs, all of 'em, which eliminated aforementioned shit-show and dread of same in one fell swoop. Bam! But also, Mondays are not my turn for the morning walk, so I don't have to get dressed and out the door by 7 with our beloved Mr Burns, a dog in need of exercise. And finally, I don't book any meetings or calls on Mondays. Monday is a day I plan, dream, create. I'll do client-work if there's left-over time on Mondays, but really

Monday is All Mine.

I get an amazing amount done on a Monday. Somewhere around Coffee #2 -- so around 9, by regular time -- I'll make the bed and get dressed, then go right back to it, that is, letting my mind unspool, following where my thoughts lead, where the writing leads. The house is quiet. My husband is at work. Burns is either asleep or out with his pack. I am here by myself, working, creating. I stand at a window and stare. I work some more. It's bliss.

And gets me thinking about the value of engineering my time. Not just re-engineering Mondays, but really engineering every day, being truly in charge of how my calendar is rolling out each week, how I'm spending my hours. When I'm not doing a good job of that, everything starts to feel not so good. Ask around: I start to get cranky.

Solution: I need to be the Boss Bitch of my Time.

Ok, so this is easier for me than it might be for others now that I'm answerable only to myself (and all of my clients, just btw). I do a pretty good job, but even so, there are moments when I recognize I am feeling agitated, that old feeling so familar to me from those shit-show days. I'll look at my calendar and feel pressured, hijacked. Moments when I realize, uh oh, my Hustle to Chill Ratio is way off -- too many meetings, not enough pleasure baked into my week. And then I hear my mother's voice, asking me about my schedule, "Hang on, I thought you were in charge of that?"

Boss Bitch of Time is every single day.

The thing about Boss Bitch of Time is that you don't get to just do it once. Nope, it's work you have to do all the time: deciding what you're going to spend time on, whom you're going to spend time with, how you're going to use the hours allotted to you. Every single day. It's tempting, sometimes, to just roll over and to avoid being unpopular -- speaking for myself -- go to the party I don't want to go to just so as not to be that person who is such a bitch about her time that she only does what she wants. But, um, wait: I DO want to be that person.

Sometimes it's tempting to just do the work for the client with the unrealistic deadline instead of throwing up a Boss Bitch hand and saying, This shall not pass. But a Boss Bitch of Time's work is never done. It's a constant vigilance.

You can call me a control freak if you want to. But I know that controlling my time is the ticket: it's the way #1 that I'm going to accomplish what I want to accomplish *and* have the beautiful life I want.  I can't just go along doing what everyone else wants. I need to take a stand, throw up the hand as needed, and engineer my time. 

Whoever you are, whatever you do: Make every moment matter. Be the Boss Bitch of Time. 


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